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Friday, January 16, 2015

Seen Today in Sunny New Mexico

We were on expressways paralleling
old Route 66
from Joliet, Illinois, to
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
There were signs for the old road
in many places,
and stretches of it
can still be traveled.

Route 66 in Tucumcari, NM,
is a visit to America's past.
The strip of old motels
is faded but charming.
Some are boarded and closed,
others open and lively.
We stayed on the strip
and had breakfast there, too.
Best biscuits and sausage gravy
you'll find anywhere!

Signs in New Mexico are not limited
to towns, either.
We were shocked
by the number of billboards. 

But beyond the billboards,
there is no stopping the scenery.
It is spectacular
all the way.


  1. LOVE New Mexico! So glad you are on a road trip!!

    1. Dawn, we have settled down now in Cochise Co., Arizona. It's good to be on BACK roads again!

  2. Standing still usually wins out in sharpness over panning shots, even with the high shutter speed of sports and burst mode. You've given me quite a challenge with this because all the shots are pretty sharp. I'm guessing the two that were taken standing still are the first image and the eighth one. This was REALLY hard.

    1. All the photos of the street signs (but not the billboards on the highway, obviously) were taken standing still. Then the very last one of the mountains was, also. Everything else from the car.

  3. I have an old boyfriend from high school who lives in Albuquerque and I've visited him several times there. It's so much fun to see your pictures and read your comments. His mother was born in Bisbee, and we visited there a few times, too......stayed at the Copper Queen.

    1. Interesting juxtaposition of names -- Copper Queen and Silver King. Reminds me of the two big old train terminals in Cincinnati, the Union Terminal and the Dixie Terminal.