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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pioneer Cemetery at Dos Cabezas, Arizona

The old Pioneer Cemetery is on the west side of the ghost town on AZ 186, open to the sky. Although graves go back to the nineteenth century, there are new ones from the twenty-first century, also. Nevertheless, the overall feel is that of nature reclaiming its own.

The grass blows, the winds blow. 

There are large memorial stones, and there are others almost lost in the grass.

As in any cemetery, some markers are elaborate, but out here in the pioneer West, many are also touchingly primitive.

Mountain views from the cemetery are spectacular, but I also appreciated cattle grazing in the background.

I want to go back to the cemetery sometime in the early morning when the light is gentler and raking rather than direct.


  1. A wonderful series, Pamela. It's the blue, blue sky that really grabs me.

    1. Thanks, Karen. I am particularly taken by the tawny color of the grasses against that blue sky.

  2. This part of the country is so fascinating. Thanks for bringing us along.