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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crossing the Prairie

It was a cold, crisp, sunny day. Hard to snap much while in motion down the expressway, but here are a couple. The second is near Springfield, Illinois.


  1. Nice images, Pamela. I especially like the dusting of snow in the top picture, and the texture it gives to the field.

  2. Have never been to Springfield. We had Swiss visitors last Summer and the most important place they wanted to visit (and did) was the Lincoln tomb and museum.

  3. Thanks, Karen. It's challenging to try to get even a single image good enough to keep from a speeding car!

    BB, that was Springfield, Illinois. Lincoln's home there can also be visited, and not too far from Springfield is New Salem State Park, a cluster of little log cabins where you can envision Lincoln's boyhood.

    Today we went through Springfield, Missouri. One set of my grandparents lived in Springfield, Ohio. I wonder how many states have a town with that name and if there's an original in England.

  4. Shoot from a moving object is a real challenge! You might try shooting in Sports Mode, which is the runner icon on mode dial. Also, using High Speed Continuous Shooting (aka burst mode), you can capture a series of frames in a second. Typically, the middle shots will be most useable.

  5. I'll try that tomorrow. Shooting through the windshield isn't hard, but most of what I want to shoot is off to the side.