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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Flock of Cedar Waxwings

The flock high in the tree could be brought closer with a long lens, but cropping from the zoomed shot, while adequate for viewing on camera or on screen, would not give good resolution in prints.


  1. Very nice. We rarely see Cedar Waxwings this far north. You are lucky.

  2. Without my camera's zoom feature, I wouldn't have known what they were, way up there. I do feel lucky, though. They are lovely birds.

  3. We get migrating cedar waxwing out this way as well.
    Not sure where they are coming from, or going to, but
    each year they stop in our yard for a day or so, eating
    old berries in the Dogwood trees. Graceful birds, a whole platoon and fun to watch.

    1. They may be around oftener than I realize. Only my camera let my eyes see way up to the top of that tree.

  4. I see them maybe once a year if I'm lucky. Usually longer than that. One of my favorites birds, thanks for sharing!