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Monday, December 23, 2013

Winter Commute

Here I like the composition but not the blue tone. 
Removing all saturation and then adding back a little warm temperature gave me a more pleasing effect.

Somehow, though, the electric line bothered me even more
in the doctored image. 
That's where the spot healing brush tool came to the rescue.

This is the Indian Mission Church on M-22 between Leland and Northport.

12/27 - Coming back with one more image, just for Karen Casebeer. Here is the scene without the curve sign, Karen:

Doesn't it look as if something's missing? (It is.) Doesn't it make you, the driver, a little nervous as you approach the curve? Or does it just look more peaceful and less cluttered?

For the record, taking the sign out was a bit more complicated than removing the overhead wire with the spot healing tool. To remove the sign, I had to use (1) the eraser tool, then (2) the eyedropper to change the (3) foreground color, and finally (4) the paint bucket to spill the color of the surrounding snow into the blank space where the sign had been. 


  1. Very nice! I have never tried to eliminate something like that. I'm just figuring out how to crop! :) I like that shot a lot. I've been noticing how the yellow road signs stand out against the snow. Nice job!

    1. My Photoshop crop tool has gone wonky, Dawn, so I do as much cropping on the camera itself as I think I need.

      The new yellow signs are so much brighter than the old. They JUMP out from the surrounding landscape! Very safe, I'm sure....

  2. I missed seeing these pictures when you first posted them, but they are lovely. I love the color changes and elimination of the wires. Now is there a large healing brush that can get ride of the curve sign? Haha! Lovely series. Karen

    1. It was pretty easy brushing out that one wire, Karen. I had a beautiful Florida shot years ago that took me ages to modify, as there were wires galore. But the curve sign -- doesn't it belong there? Hmmm....