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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

None Dare Call It Snow!

This is a low, wet meadow 
on the outskirts of the unincorporated village of Lake Leelanau
on Wednesday morning, October 23.
As I drove south from home, rooftops seemed dusted with snow,
and along the sides of the road was a wet, white accumulation.

This is where Sarah and I took our morning walk,
and this is what the ground looked underfoot:

I had assured friends looking for a year-round home
that they would find something before snow fell.
Did my optimistic forecast fail?
Another friend says no.
She says what we have on the ground today is not snow
but graupel.
I feel better already!
It is not winter yet!

There's nothing wrong with snow, 
and winter will be here soon.
I just want our friends
settled in a home before real snow flies.

Meanwhile, though color is fading 
and more trees are bare every day, thanks to high winds,
our world still has many bright spots. 

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