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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Day in the Life of One Lucky Up North Dog

First, a beautiful ride. But do dogs enjoy scenery?
Not so's you'd notice.

Running through the leaves,
ducking through and under fences --
that's more to her liking.

Finally, after holding court
with friends old and new,
she heaves a big sigh
and rests on her book dog laurels.


  1. A perfect day! That first photo would be perfect for WordPress's photo challenge "horizon!"

  2. Did a repeat of yesterday in today's high winds. Still gorgeous.

    Dawn, thanks for thinking of me on the challenge, but you see that I'm on a different platform. :(

  3. Pamela...Great shot of the Lake through the trees. And I can never have enough dog pictures. Your girl looks fully relaxed here, as if the ride was okay, but now she's where she really wants to be. Karen