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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Looking Closely at Fall Colors and Patterns

Fall color comes in every hue, 
from blindingly bright to hushed and quiet.

There is color in fruits, not only leaves.
Wild grapes, as well as domesticated grapes in vineyards,
are hanging ripe on the vine.

Ash leaves! So many different colors!

Asters are the brightest fall flowers
in fields and along roadsides.

Some colors are very subtle
but merit close attention.

Then there are nature's patterns, 
beautiful even with color subtracted


  1. Hi Pamela...These are all gorgeous shots, wonderful in composition and subjects photographed. I love the way the asters pop out from the roadside, as if they were saying: Hello, notice me. The fungus shot is such an interesting angle. And the patterns in the bark make for a wonderful image too. Thank you! Karen

    1. Thanks, Karen. David always says my "eye is on the sparrow," while he's looking for the "big picture." But last night's sunset was pretty great, too. The subtle cream and green and brown of the fungus, along with its graceful curved edges, delighted me. Not as lively as a sparrow but just as lovely.

  2. Made my evening. Again. Love them all.