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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring Woods at Ground Level


  1. Don't know much about flowers, but i take that to be a trillium? (at least it looks like the
    ones we used to see in WI..I went to pick one and my wife said "NO!..they are protected.")
    ..could not find my camera yesterday when a
    backyard birdfight erupted between a pair of
    young Robin parents and a very rare interloper, the Clark's Nutcracker. (oops,
    a quick re-read and I see 'trillium' under
    labels.) Any idea why they are protected?

  2. Yes, BB, the pink and the white are both trilliums. (I always feel the plural should be 'trillia' but don't believe it is.) You can see more of them here, on Karen's blog:
    They are protected because not long ago their numbers were in decline. People were digging them up to take home, and these plants DO NOT TAKE WELL TO BEING TRANSPLANTED! They have recovered nicely, but PLEASE DON'T DIG THEM UP! There are nurseries where you can buy cultigvated stock safely and legally, and it's the same plant. Or go to a "wildflower rescue" when the opportunity presents itself. Wildflower rescuers take plants from sites that are going to be cleared for development, and the plants are then offered for sale.

    Clark's nutcracker? I need to look that one up now....