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Monday, May 28, 2012

Morning Beach Walk With My Kid (and Sarah)


  1. Is he juggling in that first photo? Love the one of him on the rock...and hope he didn't crack his head open while trying to stand on it! :)

  2. Yes, juggling rocks. And I did ask that he not attempt a full handstand.

    For anyone who has never been to this beach, note all the rocks in the first photos. It's a long, long walk to the sand beach in the last shot.

    The gull is resting on the remains of an old steam boiler from a shipwreck.

  3. A lot of the great lakes shorelines sure look
    like the sea shore. Is there much in the line
    of beach shells, terns and seagulls?

  4. Gulls, lots. Terns, a few. Piping plover nest on some beaches. (Not this one. I think they like more sand.) There are very few shells, except where there are piles of shells, all the wrong kind--mussels that have been brought in from the ocean by freighters and multiplied fearsomely, to the detriment of water quality and other species. Look at the 1000-Mile Walk on the Beach blog, in my Blog List on Books in Northport.