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Monday, October 31, 2011

Safety in Numbers

They feel braver when they stand together.

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  1. Equines are gregarious. When we built our new
    ammunition factory, we placed it well out of town. So, it was not uncommon driving in to work to see eyeballs gleaming in the headlights; coyotes, muledeer, racoons....
    But one dark morning I slowed to a stop for
    dozens of bouncing eyeballs. Horses by the dozen at a quick trot (thankfully in their own lane). A lady rancher showed up at the office a few minutes later-somehow one got out the gate and the rest thought it exciting to follow. Kept a few volunteer cowpokes busy for hours to return them to the owner (and the boredom of pasture)
    Those in the photo look like they are starting
    their winter coats?