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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Inviting Road


  1. Pretty. I think I missed peak fall here while we were away. Not that I regret being away.'s so cold and miserable and windy and most of the leaves are long gone. I hear that Lake Michigan had huge waves today. Would have been interesting to see that.

  2. We still think there is more fall color yet to come. Many trees are still green, and despite the winds--you’d think all leaves would have been blown off—most trees are far from bare. I will post a photo later this morning (when I get to town) showing waves on Lake Michigan.

  3. I miss the midwest Fall. The college I attended
    boasted a four mile 'drive' through native hardwood. It was one of those oxbows left by
    a river shift some hundreds of years prior; still had a creek meandering through which emptied into the river which skirted campus
    (little Niagara Falls they called it). The
    plateau area that is now home is stark by
    comparison, but our Birches in the yard DO
    turn yellow. Did you catch that TV news thing
    on the Vermont Fall color tourists? Apparently
    some locals do most of their business those
    few weeks (and term the tourists "leaf-peepers". was down significantly
    this year due to flood damaged roads.

  4. Fall to me seems tailor-made for the Midwest, but that's probably because I'm a Midwesterner. A friend out East told me about all the flooding and how it pretty much wiped out this season for small tourist towns. Hard to lose a year that way.

    Birches are lovely all yellow against blue sky.

  5. Our Fall is just Barely Starting. I Know that there will be more Color later.