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Friday, October 14, 2011

In the Breeze and On the Ground

Their airy lightness lifts my heart.

On the ground they look like stars fallen to earth, still glowing.


  1. I think we missed was not peak when we left...and the leaves are gone now that we are home. Love the seeds you shot...

  2. We lost a lot of leaves in the last two windy days and nights, but we've noticed that there are still a lot of green leaves on trees, so there will be more color to come--more subtle, I'm sure, but it will be nice.

  3. What an Interesting Plant. I Like that. What is it?

  4. Lista, those are the seeds of the common milkweed, host plant for monarch butterflies. When the pods dry and burst open, each seed has its own little parachute to carry it away on the wind.