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Monday, April 11, 2022

Sunset Cruise, Blue Sky Road


Looking the opposite way

The image above was taken of what to me always seem like the sand dunes of the prehistoric lake -- or, as I call them, "the duney bits" -- along the highway and accessible from Blue Sky Road. Low evening sun made the dunes look warm, and I liked Dos Cabezas framed by the grass-tufted hills. 

Looking toward the late day's sun, I saw the silhouette of a bird perched high against the bright sky, and it was then I felt once again my equipment limitations. Without a good telephoto lens, there is no way to capture the shot I really wanted. 

But it was a lovely evening and good to be out where I could appreciate the show put on by the desert sky. The quiet directions were as enchanting as the spectacular ones to my eye. Though there was no denying that the spectacular was spectacular.

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  1. These are gorgeous, Pamela. Yes, the bird is a bit small, but it works as a silhouette image quite well. I especially like the last sequence, of the sunset. Amazing colors.