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Sunday, April 10, 2022

Sunny Sunday Expedition: Chiricahua National Monument

On the way out, a favorite sycamore

 I need to start using my camera again. Sunny Juliet needs a chance to explore new territory. So this Sunday morning I bundled us into the car with a very simple picnic, and off we went down the road to Chiricahua National Monument. 

So beautiful, always

The way is broad in some places, narrow in others.

Surprise: a savannah in the mountain forest

Rocky path, distant view



Overhead view (from bench along path)


Cluster of dead leaves on rock

Tired puppy takes a break

Back to the Visitors Center parking lot...

...and a beautiful drive back home.


  1. Gorgeous images all, Pamela. I especially like the "savannah" one. What camera are you using?

    1. Canon Rebel. Need telephoto lens, though, as you will see when I upload next set of photos.

  2. Rebels are great cameras. How long a telephoto lens are you needing?

  3. I have to think about that. Had one with the camera I used to use but don't remember how long it was. Don't want to need a -- what is the word? Tripod?

  4. What lens were you using when you took the bird picture?

  5. My favorite walkabout lens is the EF-S 55-250mm. Lightweight, inexpensive. It might give you the extra reach you need for some situations, if you're interested.