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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

The Calm Before the Tourist Storm

Dog Ears Books and its owner proudly support the United States Postal Service

I asked the Artist to take a picture of me in front of the post office, wearing the t-shirt I purchased to demonstrate my support for the USPS (clerk inside at the counter liked it), and when he, the Artist, got into a long conversation with an old friend in front of the p.o., I decided to stroll around nearby with my camera. The village was quiet this morning before 10 a.m., but there was much to be seen. In front of our public township library, for instance, there is this cute "little free library."

library in front; township offices behind

Turning toward the water, I was that the marina parking lot was empty and roped off for resurfacing today, workers gathering for coffee in the gazebo before bending to their task. That marina parking lot is not going to be empty for long, with Memorial Day only six days away.

Turning to look back up Nagonaba Street, again I was struck by the peaceful quiet of the scene. You can see that it was an overcast morning, which always contributes to a feeling of peacefulness, as long as there is not also a strong wind.


The Tribune

The guys were still chatting, so I walked around behind the post office and library to enjoy the creek and other sights. 

Visitors Center

-- Oops! I had wandered out of sight, and my ride didn't know where I was and left without me, but that gave me a chance to stroll up Nagonaba Street to Waukazoo and take a few more shots of our quiet village as it was readying itself for the tourist season.

Looking up Mill Street from the Pennington to Barb's Bakery

One of the former homes of Dog Ears Books is now a Michigan-themed gift shop.

Viburnum I planted is still blooming on the corner.

The hardware store and Mitten Brewing are expecting a busy summer.

Ah, dear Waukazoo Street! I opened early, since I was here and had, as always, things to do in my bookstore. Garage Bar & Grill opens at noon, and on the other side of the Garage the New Bohemian Cafe starts the day early, seven days a week. 

My "gardening" on Waukazoo Street is nowhere near as extensive as it was on the corner of Mill and Nagonaba, but the Artist and I do have a couple splashes of color by our doors to welcome visitors and friends, new and old. It's good to be here. 

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