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Monday, May 17, 2021

A Mysterious and Terrible Thing Happened!

You are not leaving without me!


How it happened I cannot explain (will have to have my computer gurus investigate), but a day or two before leaving our winter ghost town digs to return to Michigan, I lost an entire list of books that I’d been compiling for months – starting before we even left Michigan in early November! That precious list encompassed familiar titles I’d need to restock, new titles by beloved Michigan authors, and a miscellany of new titles on a variety of subjects added as I read reviews over the winter. There is no way I can ever reconstruct the entire list, so I’m back to the starting line, beginning with the obvious – and obviously I won’t get everything on the first order of the season as I’d hoped to do. 


On the other hand (the happy note), books were our #1 priority when we packed the car to trek back to the Midwest, so while the new-new might take a little longer, we’ll be starting out with lots of new-to-you, and that will happen very, very soon....

Packing car begins with book boxes

Note to curious: Do I not save my work? I do indeed! Fanatically! There was some dread force of evil at work on this particular document (saved as a draft e-mail) that suddenly one morning caused it to shrink and shrink and shrink! Every time I re-opened it, the list was shorter, until finally the document was completely blank. “I’ve never seen anything like that happen!” my computer-savvy son remarked in astonishment. Back to paper and pen, we agreed! Often, old ways are best.

Spring in Michigan


  1. Wow. I've never heard of such a thing either! This is why I don't trust saving important things on my laptop. Or our desktop. I agree...and we talked about this in library school. Paper is the way to go! :)

  2. Dawn, this would be my nightmare: I can only read “books” on a screen, and every time I open to where I left off, I find whole “pages” missing — until the entire book has vanished into thin air! Yes, paper!!!