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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Too Much Pleasure!

That horse is having way too much fun -- but who am I to talk? After all the times I've been down this road, hoping for a distant glimpse of "my darlings," as I call a couple of them, today the whole herd was so close to the fence that I almost cried from happiness!

That one there with the white face looked very strangely marked when I first caught sight of her as we came down the road. Closer, it was obvious that some of the horses had been rolling in the mud, as you saw that first one rolling in the dust up there. Dirty coats? They had been having the time of their lives!

Usually when we see a group of horses, David and I decide which one each of us would take, if we had the chance to have one. This time he preferred the one in the image just above. At first I thought the one just below here would be my choice, but all of them were so beautiful, I finally said, "Can't we just have them all?" And he said, "Sure. We can have them all." When you're dreaming, after all, there's no reason not to dream big.

Little girl! She was only a baby last year!
In short, it was a horse visit for the memory book. David thinks they will remember me, too, another time. I'm not sure of that, but you can bet I won't be leaving home without carrots and apples in the cooler any time soon. One of this herd declined my carrots but was happy to accept slices of apple. Something for everyone!

See you next time!

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