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Monday, April 6, 2020

Dead Pig in the Middle of the Road

This, Michigan friends, is a javelina. Or, it was a javelina. Now it is a carcass, drawing flies. It is not and never was a pig, but people here call them pigs. The javelina is related to the wild boar.

Did I want to stop and photograph a javelina in the middle of the road? Like the skunk in the 1966 song? Is the pope Catholic?

Javelinas do not prey on human beings, but they have very poor eyesight, and if one is charging your way at full speed, say a prayer fast! Really, you don't want to run into one with your car, either. They are not as tall as deer, but hitting one can be dangerous to driver and passengers. 

From the looks of this guy, he was more sinned against than sinning, and no signs in the road indicated that a car suffered injury.
End of story.

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