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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The High Price of Having Too Much Fun!

My sister and I decided to take Sarah to the dog park so she could run around off her leash and have a little fun, which we figured would be fun for us, too. Little Ms. Sociable got right into it. All was going well. The three below were all puppy age. Sarah (above with two of the young ones) was by far the senior member of the play group. Older and wiser? Let's see....

Above are all four dogs, sniffing the ground and each other and just generally observing their little world. 

Oh, boy! Fresh water! Well, it was fresh when the dogs started drinking, which was before Sarah put her dirty front feet into the water dish. 

And here she is again (below), still looking respectable.

But then -- not only did she run down to a muddy area but she decided, heaven knows why, to roll in the mud! She was so pleased with herself! I was so exasperated with her!

No way was a dog this dirty getting back in my sister's car! Another section of the dog park had a hose, and we did the best we could rinsing off the dirt, but our best wasn't good enough in my book. And so we were off to the -- doggie wash!!!

She had an oatmeal shampoo! It was the price she had to pay for having had way too much fun at the dog park, so I didn't add to the penalty by photographing her mid-bath. I did take a picture of clean Sarah, obviously chastened, sitting in the back of the car: 

All's well again now. Sarah is clean and dry again, and she was brushed and combed and had some minor clipping done, becoming  so very presentable once more that she is again welcome in the kitchen, begging whatever smells good that is in preparation for the dinner of her human companions. Is that a good dog? She's sweet and old and clean, and she's our girl, so what can I say?

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