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Thursday, May 12, 2016

What Snake Is This?

Nothern water snake? An old guy?

More of the surrounding habitat (Lake Leelanau Narrows):


  1. I'll secondNorthern Water Snake . There seem to be number of upper Midwest water snakes, the black and yellow striped ones we saw a lot canoeing. One tried to climb the edge of the canoe and we almost tipped over
    shoveling it out with our paddles. Another time a fierce thunderstorm rolled up the river and we pulled out and sat under the upturned canoe. Until joined by a black and yellow watersnake!

  2. Here’s what the STOKES GUIDE TO AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES says about habitat for the northern water snake: “Semiaquatic, edges of lakes, ponds, marshes, bogs, rivers, reservoirs.” I followed the link you left, BB, and that looks like the big fellow we saw at the Narrows. Its markings were “obscure,” as Stokes notes is often the case with older individuals. I’ll be watching in that area for babies, because it would be fun to see their bright color. Let’s note, for those who did not follow the link, that northern water snakes are NOT water moccasins, NOT poisonous. We, human beings, are the greatest threat to the lives of northern water snakes. Sigh!

    Dawn, the rat snake looks fancier to me in pictures. Also, it's more a southern Michigan species.