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Friday, May 27, 2016

Do You Know Where You Are Now?

This is how Peterson Park looks now that all the old dead ash trees have been removed. Kind of stark, I know. Very different. Still, not absolutely hideous, as I'd feared, and new trees will be planted. For now the remaining cedar clumps add architectural interest, and the white birches along the edge are still beautiful. And the view -- of course, the view out over Lake Michigan is as stunning as ever.

My favorite songbird, the brown thrasher, was singing and flitting among the trees. Then I looked up.

The young eagle was an exciting surprise. 

Visitors who don't explore north of the M-22 loop miss a lot. Here's some more of what I saw this morning out past the village of Northport, and these are just ordinary, humdrum sights.

Along Peterson Park Road

High water by the bight

Morning bather

Of course, you have to get off M-22 even to discover Northport, and who would want to miss our little village, so charming and peaceful and welcoming?

Creek flowing to Grand Traverse Bay

Come in on M-201 and stroll around Northport. It's the perfect time of year to get to know us.


  1. That sounds like a stroll for the
    bird watcher. I'm sure there are more
    Brown Thrashers than Eagles, but the
    merry songsters are difficult to see
    (and I guess they like it that way, considering Eagles). My daughter in
    Topeka has a Thrasher that stays every
    summer and even then, it mostly stays
    in the twisted honeysuckle bushes. I've
    seen a lot of Eagles, but never tire of
    the experience. It seems the park is trimmed of its flora, but still rich in
    fauna. Lucky Northportians! (Er, Northportites?)