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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Between the Rains, Sunshine

Most of Sunday was a dreary, dispiriting day – chilly and drizzly, with leaden grey skies. Then in the evening the rain stopped, and the sun struggled through fog and mist to bring the day to a glorious close. Never have the garden flowers and wildflowers looked lovelier. 

Never have the neighboring farmlands shown off to greater advantage. And has this handsome horse’s coat ever caught the late evening light in quite this way?

We stopped by a friend’s house to catch sunset from his deck high over Lake Michigan. He opened a bottle of good red wine.  It was one of those glorious Up North hours!


  1. Ah...I should have stayed over at Charlevoix on Sunday! The threat of thunderstorms chased me away. Looks like the day turned beautiful!

  2. Lovely, all of them. The purple flowers in the first image are lovely!

  3. Dawn, it was pretty late in the day when the sun came out -- but worth the wait. Thanks to all of you for visiting.