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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Subtle: Two More Ways

Still curious and encouraged by a friend to see what the photo in the previous post would look like in monochromatic versions, I took it to Photoshop and produced a black-and-white copy, then one in sepia.

Desaturating the color alone did not produce the results above. I did that first but then also darkened highlights and lightened shadows -- before, of course, adding back in the warm tone in the second version here. 


  1. While the fog appears best in the original, I really like these new versions, with a slight preference for the B&W because it shows the strong contrast between the blacks in the gnarled tree and the whites of the birches. Which do you like best?

    1. I agree, Karen. I might work further with the sepia image, however, to see if a more faded tone, so to speak, would improve it.

  2. Pamela, this tree looks like a dancer to me: head and some arms to the right, legs or arms to the left kicking out in joy, one thick leg grounding it. Love it! Laurie