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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall's Many Faces

Is anyone ever impatient for the season's first frost? Probably not, and yet, when it comes, there is no denying its magic.  Every leaf, every seed pod, every blade of grass takes on a new identity, dressed in costume for an ice palace ball. And since we know that it isn't winter, and it isn't snow, we feel that once the sun rises high enough, the frost will disappear, and the now-beautiful will turn Cinderella-dowdy.

Here comes the sun! Dowdy? How could anyone forget for a minute the beauty returning autumn sunlight would bring to roadsides, orchard trees, and blue Lake Michigan? South Fox Island never looked as close as it seemed on this sunny fall day.

Rain returned in Tuesday, for Election Day, but it didn't keep voters from the polls in our township. I went to town early and found no waiting line at all. Light inside the firehall coming through the doors shone on red maple leaves plastered to the pavement, and the red maple on Mill Street, always at its brightest on the day we go to vote, did its part to add a festive air to the important day.


  1. What a lovely post! The metaphor to Cinderella was wonderful. Your orchard pictures are stunning too. I especially like the yellow orchard and how the lines lead you to the place where the two rows seem to converge. And it was election day...and Barb's sold out of donuts!

  2. Note to readers: Dog Ears Books is NOT sold out. We have plenty of wonderful new and used books in stock and will happily order what you want if we don't have it.