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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where Am I?

Be specific! "Michigan" is not a good enough answer. There is no prize for being right, no forfeit for being wrong.


  1. Being a librarian, I think this might be in Levering MI....?? Maybe? Levering is near it's possible.

  2. You are absolutely, completely, totally and 100% correct, Dawn! Congratulations! But what does being a librarian have to do with it?
    Levering is much closer to Mackinac city then to Traverse City, but it's on our way to the U.P., and we often stop there for gas. I always think the name of the place sounds like the name of some small, furry mammal. There are lemmings, of course, and then there are lapins (rabbits), and it seems to me there's another fur name in French, maybe the name for rabbit fur when it's made into a coat?

    If BB out in Idaho knew how small Levering is and far from it you live, he'd be amazed that the first person to hazard a guess would hit it on the nose.

  3. Oh the librarian in me just knew how to search... LOL