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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Does This Look Like a Painting?


  1. Yeh, sort of.

    The Fall Colors here in Northern California are much Later then yours, but they have Started this Week to Really be Pretty with Yellows and Reds much more Radiant then in the South.

  2. "Sort of." Ah. Maybe it just looks out of focus?

    I have a hard time remembering you're in California, Lista. I've always had a hard time believing that California exists and would reject it as fantasy except that m mother was born there.

  3. Well, sometimes I Think that the People in California Live in a Fantasy World. They are so Liberal that all the Regulations Drive Businesses Out of State. But then again, I don't Remember if you are Conservative or Liberal yourself, so I better Keep this Low Key.

    Northern California is more Conservative, yet those in the South are all the Time Out Voting us. It's Discouraging, cause it Makes me Feel as if it is not Only myself whose Vote Doesn't Matter, but the Votes of Entire Counties do not Appear to Matter. It Makes me Wonder if Northern California really Exists, or are we all some sort of Fantasy, just as you have said.

    Sorry. All that just because of you Calling California a Fantasy World.

    Back to the Picture; Some Painters do Paint in a Fuzzy Manner that Looks something like that. I don't Personally Like that Style of Painting, yet I do Know what you Meant when you Asked that Question.

    Maybe it is a Representation of the Fuzzy Fantasy Land of California. lol. What Ever.

  4. No, Lista, I think BB's right, and it must be a Michigan Monet.

    As for liberal/conservative, I'm getting sick to death of those labels, which seem to belong more appropriate to an earlier era in our national history. The stereotype people in the Midwest hold of Californians is that they are shallow. I know--it's a stereotype. And there's certain plenty of shallowness in the rest of the country, too. But this is my photo blog, a place I go to get away from words, so I won't write more.

  5. Sorry. I Guess Politics is just as Fuzzy as the Above Picture, huh?

    Sometimes the Movie Industry is sort of Shallow. When People Think of California, sometimes they just Think of Hollywood and Acting is sort of a Make Believe Thing,
    though there are some good Movies. We Live No Where Near Hollywood.

    Ok. Monet it is.