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Sunday, February 28, 2021

High Desert Morning Explorations


This old hulk of a car is what we went to see, and it was worth the walk. I knew a friend back home in northern Michigan would be interested in seeing the discovery.

I took some close-up photographs for reference, too. Do you know what you're looking at here?

Now for a couple of other angles --

And not too far away was this: 

But the old car wasn't the only sight to be seen in the vicinity. Someone lived here once but had probably moved out before the roof fell in and the adobe bricks collapsed outward. Since adobe is mud, it easily returns to nature when not maintained.

I'm no expert in adobe construction, but my hiking partner and I were intrigued, when inspecting a section of wall that remains in place, to see that the exterior bricks covered a layer of rocks, with more adobe plastering over the rock for the interior wall. At least, that's how we read what we were looking at. 

But Mother Nature had been doing more than rusting and eroding. Some years back, my friend told me, there was such a spell of deep cold that many barrels cacti were killed when their interior water supplies froze and burst the cacti. This big, old guy, with a chomped-away section on the lower, woodier half and new growth on top, definitely looks like a long-term survivor. Good to see! 

Don't we have fun?

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