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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

And Then the Sun Came Out!


Not "pristine," but full of our tracks --

Others have also been making tracks.

The sun came out, yes, but dark clouds still hung above the Dos Cabezas Mountains, so that light and dark made striking contrasts. 

Snow clings to stubbornly clinging mesquite leaves.

Looking west through hackberry branches to where the sun would soon set --

Peasy does not tire of exploring smells under the snow.

And then I see the moon!

Later, long after sunset, the sky began to clear around the moon. Temperature was our lowest this winter, below 20 degrees F. And so, the snow was still deep and abundant on Wednesday morning, sparkling in the sun. Peasy loved it!

Peasy in Tuesday afternoon snow...

...happy to see the snow still  there for him on Wednesday morning!

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