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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Without a Camera

Sometimes I "take" pictures without a camera, not having it in hand, even not wanting the burden of carrying it. “Look at this,” I tell myself. “Remember this.” And so --

Along Eagle highway: brightly painted hay wagons at one of my favorite farms, neatly lined up in the sun after freshly cut and baled hay was put away in the barn.

Same road: broad alternating strips of shade and light where rising sun casts first light through a cherry orchard onto the grassy roadside. 

A quiet back road, walking: among stands of late summer goldenrod, a single stalk of June primrose, with its lighter, clearer yellow, blooms out of season.

This morning, early: a glowing full moon, luminous in the southwest, setting over the orchard, lighting the sky (clear after a night of rain) brighter than false dawn in the east.

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