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Saturday, December 7, 2019

A Tree That Loves Water

Missouri, at least the way we crossed it (south and west from Hannibal), is a watery state. Almost every piece of country property has at least one pond, often more, and the land is criss-crossed by rivers and creeks. Flooding along the legendary Missouri River was stunning and eerily beautiful (as unusual and frightening scenes can be), but I was driving then and could not photograph the scenes. The Artist and I were constantly aware, however, of impressive trees in the landscape, and I couldn't help snapping while he drove (above). Seeing the many sycamores across Missouri and southern Kansas, my mind leapt ahead in anticipation to sycamores along creeks near Chiricahua National Monument in Cochise County, Arizona. Striking bone-white against blue sky, giant sycamores are a sure sign of water, and when we detoured off our two-lane highway onto an unpaved road to get out of the car for a walk, we found the sycamore below with its feet in a creek.

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  1. Trees. Especially lone trees are done of my favorite subjects.