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Monday, December 31, 2018

Friday Morning, Snowy Mountains

This is the view toward the Dos Cabezas peaks from the back of our winter cabin. We usually have a view of the southern of the two peaks, but not on Friday morning, with a low-lying cloud serving as a thick veil. Heavy, wet snow covered the ground and clung to branches. It was a magical scene. Today, three days later (New Year's Eve), there is still snow on north-facing slopes and in shaded areas in our mountains.


  1. I was just making that same comment. This is the longest we have had snow stick around and the coldest days in a row. I heard that the last time was in December, 2015. We came on January 14, 2016 to buy our Retreat and the snow was still on the north side of the buildings.

  2. Just beautiful! I know you don't mind a little snow, especially when you know it's not going to last for months on end.