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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Northport (Michigan) Dog Parade 2018

Here come the dogs!
Dogs to the rescue!
Dogs help retired farm animals today
Dogs large and small in costume
Another animal nonprofit benefitted
Lucky kid and pup got to ride!
Chloe bays at Sarah (latter a spectator)
Alan and his dog look happy
Goldens -- all-American!
In keeping with the theme...
and still more...
with more to come in September, don't forget...
Arts -- year-round --

Eager Omena cameraman
Oh, those Omena people!
More people, more dogs...

Don't we get tired of dogs? No.
They posed for me. Well, she did.
Canine enthusiasm: priceless!
Dog wants out of ambulance, I think.
Did we see this dog in Cedar a few nights ago?
You're never too big or too small.
I don't know. Don't ask me.
See? Not too small at all.
Library float! Book people!
More little guys...
Marjorie and Arnie
More Omena entries
Original idea: a social worker dog
Ambulance rider winds up the parade

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