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Saturday, July 28, 2018

No Wonder People Love Northport

Part of my Thursday morning plan hit a little snag, but I took advantage of not being able to do what I’d planned by taking time for an unscheduled saunter around the harbor in Northport. NYSS (Northport Youth Sailing School) provided a colorful photography opportunity.

But really, opportunities were all around, close at hand (or foot) and looking off across Grand Traverse Bay to the horizon. I like this memorial to Chiefs Joseph and Peter Waukazoo, early Northport settlers who came from “downstate” before it was “downstate.”

These days influences from all over the world have arrived in Northport, as evidenced by this group of locals being led in morning tai chi exercises under the gazebo. We might be in Beijing or Paris, and people would be performing the same movements.

While some in Northport exercise, however, others relax on their boats or on the dock, enjoying sunshine and breeze. 

Whether you arrive and depart by land or by water, you will be charmed by the beauty and variety of the harbor scenes. My half-hour’s strolling felt like a vacation to me. 

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