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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Leaving the Main Road Behind

We saw a sign for a garage sale. Initially David slowed but then drove on past. After all, we hardly need anything. “Unless you want to stop?” Well, I said, maybe they’d have a couple of old plastic pails or something? Man’s World, as we call the garage barn and basement, sometimes needs contains for random projects, and the Queen of the Kitchen does not appreciate having her saucepans appropriated. So we went a little farther down the road, turned around, and went down the driveway toward Lake Leelanau to discover Paradise.

Polish Heritage Farm is a small, diversified agricultural operation. They have pigs, goats, ducks, and all kinds of chickens. Guarding the chickens from marauding foxes are neat little guinea hens. The guineas forage for their own meals, and there’s a market for their beautiful feathers.

Our genial host was so forthcoming with information that I could only absorb and retain maybe 5-10% of what he told us. Also, I was distracted by the surroundings – so much life everywhere! It's hard to concentrate in a state of total bliss, which is how I felt with the animals sounds and smells and the soft autumn breeze and the happy children.

We came away with a carton of fresh eggs, and when we go back soon for produce I’ll take along my scythe for sharpening. I feel like we discovered a gold mine! I need to get more pictures, too, on future visits.


  1. You had me at "story" of course - and then guinea hens guarding the hens? From foxes for heaven's sake? Another reason for making the long trip around the Bay.