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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Back to the Bog

Okay, probably not a bog. Rich in grasses – marsh? But trees, too, so – swamp? I like the idea of a fen, but do we have fens in this country? The definitions and descriptions are here (and elsewhere, of course), but it is the reality that is enchanting. Can you hear the bullfrogs? Can you smell the mint? Can you feel the soft morning breeze? As I was busy with my camera, suddenly there came a crashing and splashing, as if an alligator were about to appear, but it was only a frightened deer in hasty, noisy flight, and when the water settled back to a calm surface, everything was as it had been. 

I’m grateful to Dorene for identifying the tufted loosestrife for me, and I am loving another yellow wildflower to fill out the month of June. While coreopsis and St. Johnswort brighten the roadsides, tufted loosestrife rewards the explorer of dark waters, hidden-away wetlands. 

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