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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Our World Has Turned to Gold


  1. Wow! New England has nothing on N Michigan. I was curious about the overlook view- was that from atop a hill or ranger tower? And the view
    of the trees in their carpeted floor-
    makes me homesick. You must have quite a collection of Fall color photos.

  2. Yes, BB, it has been a long, spectacularly lovely fall this year. The view was from a high road overlooking Lake Leelanau and Lake Michigan across orchards and wooded hills, but it isn't even at the TOP of the hill. And the trees in the woods -- that's just a short walk from my old farmhouse. :)

  3. Your local wandering, timing and framing of the outdoors reminds me of
    an area photographer
    we've met at the farmer's market where
    she sells photos. (It is like her day off from being out in the mountains and prairies from dawn to dusk). Oh,
    the lucky few, who can make a living doing what they love!

    1. Well, I am no professional, BB, and I have to squeeze my wandering into morning dog walks before my days at the bookstore. I am lucky, though, to have such lovely scenery in which to walk my dog!