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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Where Did We Go This Time?

Sweet fern (not really a fern) near Luzerne

[Returning 9/23 to give answers]

Some of these images are much easier to locate than others.
The one on top is a green plant with a woody stem.
It is extremely fragrant.
I'll be grateful to the person who can identify it for me.

St. Hubert at Our Lady of the Woods Shrine, Mio, Michigan

Au Sable River

In the little town of Glennie, Michigan

Sign in restroom at Lumberman's Monument near Tawas

Motel decor, East Tawas

Sunrise, East Tawas

Door decor in Tawas City

Reflections near lighthouse at Tawas Point

Flags above harbor at Harrisville, Michigan

Through window and trees to streetlight in Alpena

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