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Thursday, July 7, 2016

We Have Sunsets, Too!

My friends with waterfront homes frequently post gorgeous photos of sunsets over Lake Michigan. We don't have their sweeping views from our old farmhouse behind the hill, but the sky can be lovely, nevertheless.


  1. Good point. I've seen beautiful sunsets in lots of places not over water.

  2. Once in awhile I see a great sunrise or sunset and snap a photo on my wife's
    digital. For some reason, they turn out quite mundane compared to the actual sky. Is it me or the camera?

  3. BB, it could be the camera setting. If the camera does not allow settings to be changed, try zooming. The more I zoom, the more exciting the colors. From where I'm usually standing, the camera otherwise doesn't want to register vibrant hues, because it's balancing out the light in the sky and the dark of the land and trees.