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Saturday, June 18, 2016

They Would Not Linger to Pose For Me

We were not dangerously close. There was a large pond between us (on the side of the road) and the deer, but that mama was too wary to hang around. She gave the signal, and baby obeyed.

They paused uphill from the pond but only for a moment.

So these are not the world's best nature photos, by a long shot, but they are my excuse to give a timely reminder: If you stumble on a little fawn hidden in tall grass, do not assume the doe has abandoned it! She hid the baby there and told it to stay quiet and still while she goes out to replenish her calories without exposing the baby to unnecessary danger. Don't touch the fawn -- and keep your dog away from it. Mama will be back, and all will be well.

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