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Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Pieces Don't Fit Today

The morning began with beautiful sun and parting clouds, but we already knew, from the day before, what to expect to hear on the radio. Our beloved Paris under attack. Shock. Fear. Anger. Mourning. The pieces don't fit together -- violence and death and fear and loss in one place I love, and in another sunshine, blue skies, and a happy dog running. I remember the same feeling from the fateful September 11 fourteen years ago: another beautiful morning that came with very, very bad news. 

I don't know where to look. We human beings want so much for the world to make sense. Sometimes, though, it just doesn't. It certainly does not make sense to me today. I am still grateful for the good pieces -- just wish -- .


  1. It is hard to reconcile, all of it. Even today a week after. As for your photos, I love Sarah of course...but that second photo of the trees and the grass and the sky...that's something I see all the time as beautiful and you captured it.

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I was seeing that landscape as bands of color and texture. With no axe to grind. Calming.