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Friday, October 16, 2015

We Turn the Seasonal Corner with Color

Sumac is among the first to turn. Soon it is blazing scarlet!

Behind the sumac -- over its shoulder, so to speak -- note the more subtle colors of the ash.

I still remember the first autumn I really began to notice ash trees. The young saplings by the side of the road were the first to catch my eye. These days, when so many adult trees have fallen victim to the emerald ash borer, I take heart from the roadside saplings. Too small to attract the borer now, will they grow to maturity and replace the trees we're losing?

Poplars, birches, and what in Michigan we call popples (known to the West as quaking aspen) make the gold in the fall palette, scattering bright coins in the grass beside the roads.


  1. Sumac is so beautiful. We don't see too much of it up here, although it does exist in certain spots. Enjoyed seeing lots of it on our trip downstate last week. Gotta love our Michigan colors!

    1. Kathy, I was surprised when we were up in Grand Marais recently to notice many little striped maples. Had never realized they were there before, but maybe we were always just too early to spot them. It does seem they are more noticeable when fall color comes on.