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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Big Storm in the Mountains

An initial line of puffy white clouds to the east turned a golden color in the late afternoon, just as we were almost ready to sit down to supper. We kept jumping up during the meal to run outdoors and monitor the sky. Here's how things progressed.

I'm sure there was rain over in the Chiricahuas, but while the storm was building in that direction, back to the west, in the direction of Willcox, the sun set very quietly. Then all night heavy winds rattled the windows and shook the roof! No pictures of the wind, but here is the calm sunset view in the other direction, these shots taken during the same period as the more dramatic ones above.


  1. Looks like Big Sky Country. I hope Montana doesn't mind!

  2. What a story these images tell! Those first two look like they contain some serious cells. Karen

  3. Yeah, I think the words "big sky" a lot out here. Miraculously, yesterday I found an old framed photograph with a sky like that in the first couple of shots and down below a dark mountain, much like "ours."