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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Flaming Finale, Sparkling Overture

The sky just after sunset on Wednesday was spectacular, the nighttime sky clear and full of stars. The next morning dawned clear again, and frost kissed everything.


  1. A wonderful series, Pamela. I especially love the sunset pictures. The last picture of the sumac pods facing each other as if having a conversation or just mutual admiration is wonderful too.

  2. I call that last image "Beaks," Karen. Doesn't it remind you of (try it!) holding up your two hands, facing each other, with thumbtips and fingertips squeezed together, ready to open to "talk" to each other?

  3. Beaks is perfect! And the "critter" on the left has its beak slightly open as if conversing with the other beak. Fun!