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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Morning Mystery in the Dewy Grass

We don't feed wildlife at our home, and we don't monitor or attempt to "rescue" or interfere in any way, but when I round the corner of the house with a tub of laundry to hang on the line, and there in the dewy grass is a wide-eyed baby kestrel, what can I do but go back in the house for my camera? Was it injured? Could it fly? I left Nature to resolve the situation.

By the time I'd hung three shirts on the line and turned to look back again at the visitor, it was gone. Had it been stunned by flying into a window and able, when recovered, to fly away? Did a parent come to the rescue? I went over and searched the grass all around, but there was no sign it had ever been there. I'm thrilled to have seen it at such close quarters.


  1. Sweet pictures! In the top photo, the kestrel looks quite owl like. Hope too it's safe. Karen

    1. That was my first thought, Karen. I even approached it asking softly, "Are you a little owl?"