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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

We Live in Two-Seasons Country

I don't mean what you might think I mean. I'm not saying that northern Michigan has only two seasons, Winter and Company (or Winter and Bad Sledding). What occurred to me this morning is that while we do have at least four seasons -- and I often think we have several more -- we don't have them separately. This morning, for instance, while trillium are springing up in the woods (lots of leeks and spring beauties, too), almost ready to unfurl their blossoms -- flowers a sure sign of spring -- winter lingers on in the Manitou Passage and on east- and south-facing wooded slopes. Winter and/or spring: wing and sprint?

Manitou Passage, 5/6/2014


  1. Pamela...I love the images of the trillium unfurled. I can't wait to get out in the woods to see them myself. Karen

  2. I'm pretty sure the ones above are still furled, Karen. Anyway, I don't usually catch them at this stage myself, and it's always interesting to see something very familiar in an unfamiliar way.

  3. If today gets to the predicted 60's we may have lots of plants pop. Karen

  4. Looks like you and Ken Scott are on the same wave length. His back page picture is a trillium unfurled too. He calls it a bud, though. Karen