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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Does Anyone Besides Me Need a Preview?

Will they come again, these woodland wildflowers?
Surely, yes, in their own good time.

Once I started looking through last spring's images and scenes,
I could hardly stop --
and couldn't leave out the orchard, either, buzzing with bees.

But it's the woods I've been missing
during this year's long, housebound winter.

Snow, be gone! 
We have calendar spring, 
but we're hungry for the real thing!


  1. Lovely! Do they bring hope, or are they a tease? I loved your term "calendar" spring. In looking at the forecast for the next few days, it sure won't seem like "real" spring.

  2. I know, Karen. It was the bleak forecast that drove me back into the past! But eventually -- ??? We WILL, won't we, have another spring and summer?

  3. I thought I saw a Trillium among the photos. We were
    told from childhood not to pick them, it was illegal- but I seldom see them. We rarely regard flora as endangered or rare, but one time on a field trip in
    a plant classification class, our old prof blew his top at a poor coed who happened to be standing on a liverwort of some sort. (looked like a forest floor weed
    to me: so much for plant classification!)

  4. It still seems like it is forever away before we see things like this. Though I suppose it is not that long. Can't wait.