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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Portraits: Kathleen, Charlie

I am finally overcoming my shyness about photographing people (only when they are willing to be photographed, of course), and these two friends gave me permission to post their portraits here. The setting was David's one-man show of new paintings at the Old Art School Building in Leland, Michigan, at the opening on August 23. If my Photoshop program would cooperate, I would crop the photo of Charlie to get rid of that black along the right side, but I'm happy with the faces, and the subjects liked their portraits, too.


  1. Nice. I'm shy about photographing people too. I wonder why that is. It's not as though we'd ever post unflattering photos anywhere...still....

    1. I think, for me, it's a specific instance of more general shyness, plus knowing that a lot of people (I'm one of them) don't usually like photographs of ourselves. On the other hand, most people appreciate attention, and most love to see themselves in what they call a "good" photo. Also, faces are fascinating. One of my drawing gurus, Frederick Franck, says it's impossible to draw another person and not see that person with love. Photographs happen almost instantly, but when I am happy with a portrait I feel a bit of what a long drawing session gives. In fact, my solution to world peace is to have opposing political leaders locked in an elevator with drawing pads and pencils and told they can't come out until they've drawn one another's portraits.