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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back Roads Wildlife

Too far away from the red-tailed hawk for a good photo, but it was exciting to see him. Also far from the road was a strutting, courting wild turkey, tail spread like a fan.


  1. Are these the Deer that are known as Black Tail Deer?

    1. That one does have a darker tail, but if you saw it flipped up as the deer was running away from you, it would show a white flag. From what I can find out, black-tailed deer is another name for mule deer and are found in the West, not in Michigan.

  2. Beautiful! love the hawk too!

  3. Actually, we have Black Tail Deer in our Area, yet the Deer in these Pictures appear to have even darker Tails than the ones in our Area. The Tails in these Pictures are both Darker and Longer. Beautiful.

    In my Opinion, the Tails on the Black Tail Deer are much Smaller and not even that Noticeable. I haven't really paid much attention to their Tails because they do not Stand out the way these do. Do you know what kind of Deer they are?