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Friday, February 22, 2013

Wint'ry Leelanau Scenes, Late February

We had horizontal snow again today, coming from the east, however, which always feel so wrong.

From inside at Brew North, looking out at the blizzard, I thought these lights reflected in the windows looked nice and warm.


  1. Kind of glad I made it up there when I did....easy drive over...not bad drive home, and good snow to ski a bit while I was there. Pretty to look at though.

  2. A friend's son drove up from Detroit on Friday and had a very long, scary drive, not getting here until after midnight. Freezing rain. Our driveway is glare ice covered with beautiful, fluffy new snow. Freezing rain and glare ice would not be my ideal road trip conditions.

  3. I rather miss the midwest winter. In our low sheltered valley, I have been raking prior to Spring fertilizer. On the other hand, back in the early sixties I cannot forget changing a tire on a date at 23 below with a stiff wind.
    About froze my hands off...but the poor girl
    married me!

  4. I always pictured Idaho having a Wild West Winter. Not so?

    Way to impress a date: arrange for below-zero weather, high wind, flat tire--and save the day! Congratulations!